Enrolment Process

Wicklow Democratic School enrolls students throughout the school year. To get started on the enrolment process, follow the steps below.

Step One: Submit an Admissions Inquiry Form

As you fill in this form, you’ll learn more about our school and what to expect. It’s also a chance for us to learn more about you and there is an optional section for potential students to fill in as well.

Step Two: Admissions Meeting

If there are places available, our admissions committee will contact you to have an admissions meeting. This is a meeting between parents, the potential student and two staff members. In this meeting, we will try to get a sense of whether Wicklow Democratic School will be a good fit for your child.

Prior to this meeting, we recommend that parents and potential students get an understanding of self-directed learning and democratic education. Our admissions team will send you relevant resources ahead of your admissions meeting, and there are also many helpful resources on our website.

Step Three: Enroll

After the admissions meeting, if both the admissions committee and the family agree to move forward with enrolment, you will be asked to fill in an Enrolment Form. Once the form is submitted, parents and students will attend an Enrolment Meeting and receive registration information. At the Enrolment Meeting, you will:

  • Sign the Enrolment Agreement
  • Make your initial payment
  • Make arrangements for remainder of tuition

Step Four: Attend Wicklow Democratic School!

During the student’s first week, they will be given an induction by a staff member, and they will have the opportunity to attend a workshop about self-directed learning. The student’s first four weeks will be a Settling In Period. Parents and students will have brief check-in meetings with the admissions team after two weeks and fours weeks to touch base about how the student is doing and see if any supports are needed.